Forum Guide Ideas

There are a lot of issues and problems that can or need to be mensioned/solved. And I am wanting to make more guides on how to adress these issues. So if you know a common or reaccuring problem. please tell me so I can make a guide so users know what to do.


Sometimes when someone asks for help then the problem is solved but then that’s when people start going off-topic such as how do I make a character jump, that eventually went off-topic.

True, so an off-topic prohibiter guide?

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How to use discobot

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discobot is fairly easy to use but i suppose a guide on it would be useful

alright, ill do both of those, much needed.


Yeah but new users go on to topic and say @ discobot.

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And becuase i like both of those ideas i will not mark a solution. (yes i don’t mark my own post).


I think what’s funny about the off-topic posts is that sometimes regulars start talking about sentry devices or math or something completely crazy like AUO. I think it’s pretty funny, but it is really hard to understand for most new users. Check out most of the posts in Advanced Update Order | Difficulty: 🟪


Yeah, I see and is Gimai a real person?

No GimAi is not a real person. It was a trainable AI, but because of users training it questionable things it was discontinued.

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You litteraly just said

aren’t you being a bit off-topic right now?


wdym by questionable things

Someone had a question though and I wanted to help them.

giving college grade answers that were a book and a half long, and was flagging as reporting things that were fine and it was not using the freindlyest language.

oh ok

I get it, your fine i just thought it was funny.

I might start making this guide soon.