Fortnite map help

I’m trying to recreate Fortnite.

Right now I’m building Grim Gate but I ran into a problem I couldn’t find a solution to.
In the real Fortnite game, when the player goes into the lake in Grim Gate, they get the ability to jump (I want the Gims to propel forwards) three times before the ability disappears.
Would there be any ways to do this?


Yes, Also I made a complete full-game Fortnite map, but I deleted it because I don’t play Fortnite anymore, but I might be able to help. So All you need is speed booster, then a game overlay so “Jump” when overlay pressed → activate speed booster and trigger and increment counter on counter. then when target reached on counter (3) then reset counter and hide overlay. Also you will need to make everything have scope as “Player”. I forgot to add it in there but when trigger goes off “2-3 seconds” then deactivate speed buff.

Hope this helps!

You there @THEHACKER120?

Yes I am here, I will test out your method, thank you very much for it :)

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:+1: Okey-dokey.

uh could you show me the block code for that? I’m not really good at block code
and how exactly do you make it so the counter resets?
@Stealthknight yes

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It’s not block, all you need to do is set the trigger time to either 2 or 3 seconds and then oh, I forgot, you need two different speed granters, so when the trigger is triggered then make the second speed granter grant (normal speed.) Also for reset counter just make it so when counter target reached broadcast something then go to “Channels” for counter and make that broadcast reset the counter.

Is that good?

Thanks for your help and time; this will certainly help improve my map

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Always happy to help!

Is there anything else that you need creative ideas, @THEHACKER120? I’m happy to assist you!

Nope, I am fine for now; if I have anymore trouble I will post thank you for asking though


You welcome, have fun building your Gimkit game! I’ll love to see it later!

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