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Bump (My first Bump btw) I’m not good at block codes but I hope you find a solution

Ummm we usually don’t bump a help topic or bump that fast but you could.


You don’t need to bump a post after 2 minutes, you should really bump it after a few days.

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Oh alright thanks for the info

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Bump cause edits don’t bump it.

bump cause it’s now 3 and most people are out of school, and they might be able to help.

(if no one comes up with a solution I’ll just suffer it solo…)

I just have no idea what’s going on
and some people are only active during school

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What do you need help on now?


Could I help with this map?

I need help with this.

So have an IIM or checker check for a certain item. That item will be the wings. So when the check passes (or however you want to do it), the player gets x2 speed. When they don’t have it, they lose the speed. Use this method for the medallions, except with the speeds you want.


but what if they over lap each other?

thats my question

cause wouldtn they just over lap

No, because each checker would determine which ones were on. There’s 1 checker for each amount of medallions.


wait do we post Fortnite guides?

also making a Fortnite medallion is easy.


so if this and this property true, then do this.

If this property true, lets say wings activate, do false prperty all checkers cause every property ye


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gotta reply to bump this help topic…

uh whats left now?

I’m working on the map, I have the chest features done, and can do the medallions and wings of Icarus later. But this is what I need