Forest House Prototypes

So basically, I have an upcoming game that I am working on, and in that game, there is a forest village of sorts above the ground. I need some assistance with making prototypes for forest/jungle themed houses. That’s basically it.


Nice game idea, WhoAmI!

Hello, WhoAmI. I will be posting soon, with a lot of things. Be ready, this is a length warning.

Here’s what I recommend if the village was cast off from a larger, advanced civilization: There is a lot of infested technology, due to the villagers not being able to use them without power. The jungle houses inside the village have to be barriers (you can add a stone wall to the front) with colors like beige, light brown, and mahogany (optional). The sentries (if there are any) will be NPCs except for the guards if you do something wrong. If there is a leader’s hut, make it two times larger than a jungle house. There can be a lot of stuff, like the Gaming Chair (I don’t know about this, just putting it up), and make the floor look like a red or grass carpet. The village walls will be terrain since they have a wider variety of walls than props. The village can have a few trees, while outside it’s truly a jungle. Many trees, with barely any moving space (if you want it to be difficult moving).

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I know I said that other post was a length warning, I don’t know if you consider this long…

Using stone barriers is something I haven’t thought of before, but I did forget to mention that it is in platformer mode.

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Just gimme a link to it later today, at like 8:30 est, on discord

like that fire castle a long while ago

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Use floors as “Walls” you can walk through to actually enter houses.

Some good blocks I think would fit your idea is:

  • Cracked Oak
  • Stone Pavement (Grass)
  • Dungeon Green
  • Dungeon Gray

With the cracked Oak since it doesn’t cover a full 64 grid block, you can use boardwalk underneath it (layer 3 cracked Oak, layer 2 boardwalk) for a cool wooden look.

Have fun!

Are those terrains available in platformer mode?

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nope they are not… and I don’t see a way to implement them except as background…

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maybe use pixel art backrounds?

I don’t think that will fit my current situtation.

This is the best prototype I have rn, if somebody can get some ideas to improve this, that would be nice. Things like glass are not available here btw.

maybe one of those hobbit houses (burrows?), I forgor what they’re called. Idk how to directly make them out of props and stuff…