[🌲] Forest Design Help

I have a map where I have a part where (redundant I know) you’re in a forest setting.
What terrain, props, design and mechanics for those designs (like underwater; breath metre) could I implement into my game?
Thanks in advance!

You could add bushes with thorns that damage you. You could add mud that slows you down. You could add hills too.


Dirt, dry grass, grass, stone, dynamic stone.
Other stuff:
You could have a fire with a barrier animation.
Bear tracks.
Fallen logs.
Lots of moss and dirt spots.
Climbable trees.
Hikers/campers with mini quests.
Wildflowers, plants.

Underwater decor? Use coral and sand?

You need a breathing system? I can’t go into depth right no, but have a repeater repeating itself every second, and once it reaches it’s highest number, the one that it stops at, it sends a signal to another counter repeating itself connected to a damager. After that, every 3 seconds, so much health will be withdrawn from the player until they are “knocked out.”

For reward and encouragement? Things under there to sell for in-game currency, a type of quest or challenge.

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I can give you some designs, but I’m no help with devices.
give me around…20 minutes? maybe 30.

The underwater thing was just an example.

some examples from me and fedora’s survival game.

and yes, code is inactive.

Use the alien plants. They just look like weeds.

That’s surprisingly very helpful.
No offense but the forums aren’t the most helpful place, so thank you :blush:!
@getrithekd, it’s good but since my map uses a lot of memory (block code is expensive) making the speed go back to what it was due to roles would take too much memory.

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