Forced respawn Question

Ho do you make it to after a player dies from a trigger they respawn in a ceratin are, and can’t play the game until all are dea or the game is complete?

Just make it so that area cannot be escaped until it either:

  1. The target of a counter is reached, meaning a player has to collect a certain amount of something.
  2. Using properties, have the property updated in a variety of ways, such as entering a zone or knocking out a sentry; when the property reaches a value it unlocks something specific.
  3. When player is knocked out, increment a counter and when it reaches a value, it activates the teleporter or button to access the next.

Do you mean that the player can’t play for the rest of the game when they activate a certain trigger? If so, when the trigger gets activated, set their team to spectator.

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Or for every player to die and spawn somewhere, add a trapped area and every time someone spawns it either updates a property or increments a counter, and when it reaches a value it activates the rest of the game.

Why not make it so that they just spectate?

I don’t know I am helping some one and thats what they want.


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