For a cemetry style game

i need anyone who knows someone who is perma banned (on the gkcf) cause im making a cemetry game with their name in a grave

Um… why? You should not put someone’s name (even if digital) or you could end up perma banned(Doubt it though). Just put Josh Gim.

you need permission from the people being added

just for rememberance

ahhhhhhhhh ok. thanks!

add me on the game tomb it, :skull: lol

ok then alright @bluebird291

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bet @Veelopp but for what

oops soorry ill take it down

completly forgot about it

you can post pictures, but without the codes…

@bluebird291 @Veelopp done (I DIDNT NOTICE)

add the text on the stone?

its a barrier the text goes behind and i did place it second

bring the text to the above layer

it works when i try it tho…

can i email u the code (if u want/can)

only in padlet Gimkit stuff ( put it in the code section (check the padlet)

sent it i dont have a padlet account so it should say anymouncs

check the padlet real quick…