FNaF Maps being taken down

I have seen around that FNaF maps will be taken down due to copyrights.
Does this include FNaF remakes such as Five Nights at Gimkits or just stuff like: Five Nights at Freddy’s?

It probably depends on how much it follows the rules of publishing.

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well its copyright infrengment gimkit does this to not get sued

Yeah and I understand that
I know why
I was wondering if a remake would be taken down or only if it was a direct copy

you have to change things like pretty sinifagent things like make charters names be diffrent or change the place. also lore and exact lines as well

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well changing it then makes it less likely to get nuked or you could make it very off brand

Like how @Spydecraft245 did with 5 Nights at Spydecrafts

i don’t know of that but if you want to put one of your favorite games here you have to change it up and it has to be approprite so… otherwise if your directly copying anygame that is copyrighted/reserved/no use make sure to change it up a good amount make it off brand and put it in your style thats my suggtion like SMG4. im suprised nitendo never took him down in his 13 years he even made fun of it (or it actually happed and he won)

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