FNAF AR move system - help

so i’m trying to make the fnaf ar fights in Gimkit after I made fnaf ar plushtrap in Gimkit i’m working on a random move system using blocks. The system works like this: there are four places they can be North South East or west the animatronic starts in the north and can move east or west. But the issue is I don’t know how to make them move after moving east or west.

This is what I have put down already just don’t know what to do next. i could use multiple triggers but not until it’s the only way.

Loop it.

You can have a timer activate the trigger every x seconds, or have the trigger broadcast on whatever channel it triggers on.

You’d want to keep a property for each possible direction, and the animatronics current position. Then you can check if the direction randomly chosen is in the possible moves, and if not then you broadcast on channel A (let’s say trigger activates when it recieves on A), causing the trigger to run the random loop again.

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