Flagging won't work

This is what i get when i see a post, i cant flag it even though i have TL2

Click the three dots then press the flag icon.

Why are you even trying to flag it? It’s a good normal topic?

No, you’re still a basic. And this is off-topic…

Screenshot 2024-05-14 1.41.40 PM

I don’t know why you cant see the dots but maybe this post cannot be flagged.

im not trying to flag that its just a example of what i see

What 3 dots? i cant se it

you are a basic user, that permission is not granted until TL2 or a member rank. click on this link to know more about how to become a member.

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Then your not a TL2

Oh sorry how silly of me

It normally (if you were a tl2) would look like this.
the flag is the flag icon.

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