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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

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@bannanaman , I just found out that thumbnail requests are not allowed. Sorry, but you’'ll need to mark a solution


Sorry, Thats not allowed anymore.

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where are the rules i need to see the rules

I do not know exactly where it says that but it is somewhere in the community guide lines.

if the rules dont say it then y should i follow it

Unfortunately, thumbnail requests are no longer allowed due to clutter. Please mark a solution

Mark a solution and move on @bannanaman? It’s going and is already getting mass flagged.

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It’s not a rule.

It’s just made up by the community, like the bump rule.

No one stopping you, it’s just that you will probably get flagged. As a majority of the community doesn’t believe it’s on topic.

also kataronii, I saw you liked, but happy early birthday! (even though I’m 8 days early lol)


They say I just don’t know where exactly.

Well the community banned it because it was it was breaking community rules but it only vaguely applies. Sorry.

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@bannanaman ask a thumbnail in WIX

it takes forever to get into wix

not budgen and u cant make me these bans and stuff need to stop happining or the forums are going to go back to being a horrible places

and i am not lying at all

Can’t really lie on an opinion, but alright.

I’m just saying, you could make a thumbnail, but it’s not recommended as your gonna be flag bombarded.

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Okay first of all I cannot read what you said the grammar is wrong. Also, when were the forums a bad place?

and do you know y that happens its because people let people like that get there way

Techniccally, it’s not an official rule. The regs just like saying it.

The mods haven’t ruled, but I mean… the flags we’re placing on these posts certainly aren’t being cleared.


have you ever heard of the dark ages