Flag swaying angles

Help post 2017: If the flag standing up straight is 0 degrees, then what are the maximum angles it tilts at? Much appreciated!

I have no idea, wouldn’t the main angles be 180,360,90, and 0?

15 degrees each side? I’m eyeballing this.

can you explain how you got that?

Could you break out a online protractor and get the angles down to the degree?

what are yall saying?

just screenshot it at each angle then use a protractor


I’ll just use 15-20 degrees. Thanks for the help!

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He’s saying that the maximum amount of sway a flag should have is 15 degrees to each side if 0 degrees is fully upright, no tilt.


Oh ok, thanks for telling me that, i was lost on thhe sudject.

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No problem!


I used an online protractor, and got 10 degrees.

At max tilt? That seems low… Can I see the picture?

It has my name one sec


Looking at that up close, you nailed everything except the angle with the number above it, which is actually too far out, meaning the angle is more like 9 degrees. I’ll take 10, because it’s nice and round.


I know. I had it at nine, but over-dragged. Then I was just like: “Close enough.”


@Apoll02, you have a code.

Ik, I deleted it when I realized.

Honestly, there’s almost no way it’s at the exact max distance anyway, but it is pretty darn close.