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How do i make it so if someone is holding a flag, everyone can steal it?

Don’t think that’s possible. Upon death or tag you drop the flag though.

Same here with Captain-Gim.

I’ll call the experts.

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You can make a tag zone that doesn’t respawn and then wire it the the flag device to grant flag i think

You could probely sorta make it by forcing the player to drop the flag and have someone else get the flag.

You can make it not respawn players.

No, I’m sure not unless someone else smart enough can make it. I think it would help me if I knew why you’re making this.

make it so when you are tagged you drop the flag so someone else can pick it up

That’s the only way I could think of it working.

Im pretty sure you can just directly give it to them

Edit: you cannot

when I checked there was no setting for it

The tag zone has this random “tagging team” and it won’t just let me put it to free for all.

You can do a tag zone for every team

I will not make 60 tag zones.

that would be too much memory 1,500x60=90,000

I do have another idea though

You can’t steal a flag when a player is holding the item in the inventory, the flag is not an in-game item and can only be stolen by the flag’s base or when the player gets tagged.

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guess i wouldn’t be able to make a “get the flag for the most time” game then.

the last slot will automatically drop to put the flag in the inventory

Like how flags stole my guide

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