Five nights at spydecraft's: sister location thumbnail

did you make that room all yourself?:astonished:

No, lol. It’s the elevator from sister location where the night guard “Mike” goes into.

oh…it just looked a little weird to me…also correct me if im wrong…doesnt the publishig info say dont use images from other games?
or have i been making a custom sl room for no reason?

Didn’t the other thumbnails in this topic use sister location thumbnails? Let me check.

Ah, ok. I’ll change it.

they did use them…
but am i remembering publishing faq rules right?
or not?

I’ll change it if it does include copyright and stuff.

wait so am i allowed to use a actual sl image?

:person_shrugging: I’m changing mine, but I don’t know. Probably not.

@Spydecraft245 am i wrong or does publishing faq say not to use images of other games for thumbnails? Just making sure if i should make custom sl room or if allowed to use image like others…

don’t worry about it. they meant like the characters.

nevermind im busy sorry ping me on future fnaf posts pls!
I loved your fnaf game!

how’s that?

Oh ok.

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