Five nights at spydecraft's: sister location thumbnail

since thumbnails are back,(they said to spread the word) i need thumbnail that:

  1. have the 8-bit green gim
    2.have a fnaf sl room
    3 must say created by spydecraft productions

I got u BRB

Done TADAAAAAA! :slight_smile:

i got one :point_down:


Please don’t spread the word about creating thumbnail posts, we really don’t need a forum where 90% of the posts are thumbnail requests.


don’t want to be rude but your late to the party.

Try to not use copyrighted material, such as Funtime Foxy, Funtime Freddy, Scrap Baby, and a room from the FNAF franchise.

is mine ok to post? just asking.

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Yeah yours seems fine


Remember to mark a solution! Great thumbnail, btw!

Some Constructive criticism
1.The background; try making an animated background of your own, it will match the theme of your thumbnail way better
2.Don’t put copyrighted images from other sites; try to keep your thumbnail close to gimkit-related

I agree with the second part of what hacker said. Don’t put other characters in a thumbnail but otherwise, it looks good.

oh i just saw this…can i still attempt this? @Spydecraft245 ?

ok sure but hurry up!

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how are we supposed to do fnaf sl room…just make a custom room? as faq says so using game images for thumbnails?

I’ma try too

also, if u need a thumbnail I’ve created, here’s one ( I made this for myself while thumbnails weren’t aloud)

can someone get me a good image of a type of vent like the side vent sister location ones?
and or an image of sl room? its been a little while since i played.

Thumbnail of sister location!