Fishtopia World Transport

As in the Fishtopia world, you can buy tickets to go to other worlds, such as Purple Pond. Is there a way I could create that world transport in my game?

Use a button that teleports you to the world. Make sure that the button deactivates after purchase.

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Make sure the button is inactive on game start, and connect a vending machine to it.

@NavyCatZ I’m not worried about prices. I want to know how to transport and if it is possible to create a 2nd world.

No the button is active on start though. Then once the ticket is purchased it deactivates the purchase button and allows you to pass. The button that allows you to go to the ponds is always on except that it will check if the ticket is purchased.

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Use raeB’s method. For the second world, make a separate area away from the starting area then place the teleport there. To make it more realistic place a camera view device in it and extend it to fit the outside border so you can’t see outside.

just create two teleporters one in each world. Then place down a button that teleports you.

@raeB @NavyCatZ Could u help me with the purchase? I don’t think the vending machine is working.

what do you not understand?

What are the wire settings and settings in your vending machine?

Can u sell tickets with vending?

I think it is a broadcast on channel vending machine.

Yes, look in the vending machine’s settings and there is an option for the sold item.

Yes but it doesn’t give you a physical object rather it takes away an object so I am assuming that it is a channel based purchase rather than a physical one.

@NavyCatz I don’t think it allows you to sell teleporters or buttons.

You have to wire it to the button.

No, it’s not sellable. I have to first sell it

What do you mean? If you connect the VM to it it will activate when the VM is purchased from.

The channel broadcasts and shuts off the button and sends you a success popup. When you attempt to travel to the ponds you are successful and will be teleported instead of getting an error message.

They don’t get that the channels can allow you to teleport.