Fishtopia Ideas

Hi. I am creating a better version of Fishtopia. What should I add to make it better?

More worlds to go too besides Purple Pond, Sandy Shores, Cosmic Cove, etc. By the way, this goes in “Help”.

Maybe mythical castle?

An instant sell station; that’s on a overlay instead of a table.
Make the entire map so that people can knock each other out and steal each other’s fish.
A random fish generator that you get to open every 5 minutes.
A land of water in which people can go in and hunt fish.

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Several more secrets, pvp, damage, running, traps, puzzles, sentry’s, more fish, that sort of thing.

These are all great ideas!

Adding to Stealthknight’s suggestion: Make secrets like Easter eggs, rooms, messages. You know, secrets.

Fire land , The Kingdom of Gold,
Elite Fishgrounds

change the fishing rod to: “luck boosters” and add more of them…

That reminds me: Add more unique upgrades!