Fishtopia Berries

Does anyone know how the Fishtopia berries were placed down? They were a static item that didn’t move, and you could step on them, but at the same time you could interact with them.

It’s not text, since there is no emoji for all the berries that looks the same.
It’s not an item spawner or a vending machine since there was no bobbing and no background vending machine thing.

I can’t think of anything else. Anyone have any ideas?

My guess is its another of gimkits unadded items. Just like the other props and devices. You can request for it to be added, I asked for the boat and josh added it.

I just email josh and you can do the same, or use the nolt.

Sure… how do you get it to just project on the ground though?

You can’t. They only work with vending machines and popups currently.

Do you think maybe it’s a button under the berry?

It is, but he wants the berry prop, and that is not thing.

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Yeah you can’t do it yet

Unresolved it is!

What do you mean? It is not unresolved, but it just is not added. Just email josh with a request and he might add it. I requested the boat, and he added it a few days later.

Well yes and no. He added it alongside an update so your request was a coincidence. It also took many weeks to get the 100 new props. Also many people have requested gim gulp and that hasn’t been added.

Yes, I know that, but he did say that he will try to add it in.
Screenshot 2023-11-07 9.31.53 AM

And he did, so its worth a shot.

What is gim gulp? is that another prop?

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Yes that is a nother un added, but made prop.

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is it like a drink? what is the “gim gulp”? now i’m intrigued and it’s making me a little thirsty lol!

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Gimgulp is a drink, but it is just a prop cup that is also a sticker.

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ok. it sounds like an orange juice to me. but now i’m really thirsty i need a human gulp.

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They probably will add the berrys eventually, but at the moment, I think you can use the berry items as custom images to get them in? (Maybe, I haven’t tested)

It’s this.

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