Fishing system not working

I tried to make my own fishing system and everything works except the green fish which it doesn’t give it to the player.
ps I made a rare chance to get all fish while fishing so that’s what the middle part is.
part that’s not working.

item giver

get all items while fishing (in case you need it)

And you have tested this multiple times?
I mean maybe it is just landing on 2 every time, so what you might want to do is to see what number the variable it is set to (Using a notification, if only while you are testing the map) to see if it actually isn’t working or if is just landing on 2 every time.
(Cause I see nothing wrong with the block code like ClicClac said.)

That block code looks unconventional but functional. Is your channel correct? Maybe check all the in-between steps?


I have tried this countless times and it just doesn’t give me the item

I have changed the channels and tried to change the code but it just doesn’t work

that’s a weird way of doing it, do you want to try a different system?

If work is one, it grants all fish and ends the block code. If work is not one, then it proceed onto the else part. You only give the green fish in h to e else part if work is one, but work will never be one in the else part.


the variable work triggers the green fish. if work = 1 then it will go to the gold = 1 first and if gold doesn’t equal 1 then it just stops there. sorry if my wording is bad.
anyway here’s the solution:
instead of having a string of if statements do this; if work = 1 and gold = 1 and blue = 1 and seed = 1
then broadcast message on channel “fish_all_z1”

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oops didn’t see your post sorry

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Don’t worry about. Your post gave a solution while line just stated the problem.

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ive tried but I never understood how it worked

could you make a system that utilises this

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