Fish Vat: Ideas Needed

In my incremental game, there is thing called a fish vat.

It generates fish.

The thing is, I’m not really sure how to MAKE it generate fish. This is more of a general game design question than an actual gimkit mechanics question, but what mechanics could I use? I was thinking that if you put fish in, it will slowly generate more fish based on how many are already in the vat. That feels iffy though, so I’m wondering what you guys think!

once again, this is not a question on HOW to code this, its a question of what to code.

Kind of like clicker game cps, and it would increase with each fish put in?

Are you asking about my concept or are you suggesting one lol

If you’re asking about mine, yes, that’s basically it.
It still feels a little bit janky though.

Oh. My bad, I was suggesting…

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So you can make this system work for any item, like cash or ammo, not just fish?


Yeah… it’s not really relevant what item is actually being farmed. I’m just asking about the general mechanics that would have the smoothest progression in the game.

oh, my bad

Here’s a suggestion: Use a trigger to randomly grant fish. Use a number generator and the corresponding fish for each number. I chose salmon bass and trout for my fish, but you can also use others. Put it near a bucket prop or something to look like you’re collecting fish. To automate it maybe have it grant more fish or activate a fish granter using triggers.

Use emojis.

No he needs a way to generate the fish. I used a system that randomly grants fish because let’s be honest just who is going to catch ten gimfishes a day.

He knows the mechanics. He just wants the aesthetics.

No, I want to figure out the mechanics.

I’m trying to figure out not the technical side but the literal game design part of it. How are the fish generated? Do you have to put in fish, or does it happen without player input? How does the fish generation scale? etc etc

ty guys for the help btw

Oh yeah, probably some machine or something. I don’t really know what to put as I am not the best at GKC art.

Check this out then.

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What do you need? I didn’t completely understand it…

Do be warned this is a random shower thought and might not work.

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So, my main idea right now is to have it so that when the vat gets more fish added to it by the player, it generates more and more fish. Maybe 2x total fish added, maybe more, idk. But that feels a liiiittle janky, and I feel like there’s a better way to do that. I’m asking what that better way could be.

Maybe you could use @mysz’s guide on interest except that this time you insert fish. I would also suggest a randomizer to keep the fish amount practical.

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That feels a tiny bit too random, and the fishing system already has super high deviation from the mean in any given subsection of a period of fishing.
I’m trying to figure out how to make it more balanced.

That might work.

I’ll check it out.
Ty again!