Fire Boss Ideas

yeah its been a while since I posted a topic but here we go

im making an awesome RPG game with 5 bosses, I already have one boss done, and now im working on the 2nd to hardest boss, and I want it fire related, go any ideas?

its kinda funny how I made a giant wiki for custom bosses but I still need help with a fire boss XD

I’ll also make a poll when I have a good amount of ideas

poll below: choose your favorite

  • Pyro Leader
  • Igneo Guardian
  • Magma Master
  • Ashen Phoenix
  • Ember Enforcer
  • Scorch Surge
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  1. Blaze Master
  2. Flame Commander
  3. Fire Guardian
  4. Inferno Chief
  5. Heat Captain
  6. Burn Boss
  7. Pyro Leader
  8. Ember Manager
  9. Ignition Supervisor
  10. Combustion Director
    any of these fit your interests?

yeah thats pretty good, ill put some of my favorite ones into my poll

ooh okay, glad I could help!

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Magma Master?

Scorch Surge?
Ember Enforcer?
Ashen Phoenix?


I like this one a lot

okay I added a poll, whoever wins ill mark your suggestion as the solution

you can still post more ideas and I will add them

bump because I still need some more people for poll, and more ideas

Here is some more that you could use:

  1. Blaze Inferno
  2. Emberflare
  3. Pyro Titan
  4. Infernal Dragon
  5. Firestorm King
  6. Phoenix Fury
  7. Flamebeard
  8. Inferno Knight
  9. Molten Mauler
  10. Fireborn Fury
  11. Blazeheart
  12. Inferno Reaper
  13. Scorchblade
  14. Emberlord
  15. Pyroclasm
  16. Flamestrike
  17. Fireballer
  18. Inferno Shaman
  19. Magma Master
  20. Blazebringer
  21. Emberstalker
  22. Pyromancer
  23. Flamecaller
  24. Inferno Hunter
  25. Firefist
  26. Volcanic Vindicator
  27. Blazebrute
  28. Emberwing
  29. Pyro Protector
  30. Flamekeeper
  31. Inferno Sentinel
  32. Furnace Fiend
  33. Blaze Champion
  34. Emberguard
  35. Pyroclast
  36. Flamegrinder
  37. Inferno Overlord
  38. Firestarter
  39. Volcanic Vanquisher
  40. Blaze Destroyer
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do Combustion Commander
haha @leo_flowers i still got one that you didn’t cover
well maybe just that last title part
Flare Nomad

it looks like ashen Phoenix wins, its perfect for my fire biome since all of the basic enemies are phoenixes, thank you all for your contributions!

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I hope you do well on your map!

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