Fire Base Z (Cod Zombies)

I would like to have a mystery box, (already found how to do PAP), elemental pop unfortunately, is most likely impossible including ammo mods, juggernog has already been added to a map of mine using the health (set max health to 250, use 50% health, make juggernog a healing item, or you could use shield as the extra health, either works) if you would like to see the map i will post screenshots at a LATER DATE when its done, and for forum reasons I’ll let you guys have suggestions for what i should do.

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I removed the wip tag. It is unused, and not used for help topics. Also, make sure to only post screenshots of the map (code edited out) if you want to post it.

Use a randomizer guide for the mystery box.


You can not post codes but you could make a padlet for it

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alright so i can not post the showcase link, got it

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