FFA random spawning

I am making a Battle Royale map, and I need to set gims to spawn in random spots for my free for all. I want it to be like when you spawn in Snowbrawl, everyone spawns randomly. Also, if mechanics need to be at a certain setting, let me know!

Different spawn pads across the map

put down multiple spawn pads and I think it should spawn them in different spots

specific # per team (1) in settings, different spawns set 2 different teams. sory if confusing

It is a free for all, or everyone for themselves, not a team vs team.

no, one person on each team set to sort by players., so it doesn’t say team 1 team 2

make teleporter over the spawn pad that teleports to other invisable portals that belong to a certain class

I feel like that will take up a lot of memory… my map is LARGE!

too many teleporters?

no, not really…

just put a bunch of spawners that spawn them in on game start

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