Fast Productions, Ideas for future OWO games!

These ideas will be added to future OWO games within Fast Productions!
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the sentry is a crate! ta da

So crate broken sentry spawns or how do you want it?

uh wut is the point of this topic sry if I’m being stuqid

there is a bunch of crates. you get a pickaxe and break them, some give good things and others spawn sentrys behind them

If you make that a room, have 20 crates. five being good crates and 15 being sentry crates

OWO game ideas basically

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That will be good for it’s own little level!


So this was my idea:
Use OWO lore at first, but as the games progress expand the lore

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Make it so that there is a series:

OWO I: A better version of GK
OWOII: Retake the Ship
OWO III: Terminate AI (BREACH!)
OWO IV: Return Home
(this one I honestly have no clue how this will be OWO styled but you’ll find a way)

OWO 2 Concept Done
OWO 3 Concept Continued off of OWO 2
This is what i came up with

What does OWO mean?

OWO means One Way Out

Current OWO games:
OWO - Gimkit - Original
OWO II: Revenge - Fast Prod. - Published
OWO 2.5: Close Call - Published
OWO III: The Last Stand - Fast Prod. - Published
OWO IV: The Final Chase - Fast Prod. - In Development
OWO V: The Final Battle - Fast Prod. - In Development