Farm plots for my map

how can you make farm plots on your map

  • dirt terrain
  • pitchfork
  • pumpkins
  • trees
  • fences
  • water terrain
  • corn stalks
  • tractor
  • ladybugs and spiders
  • logs
  • leaves
  • shovels
  • etc
    farm stuff basically

no, like how can i make a fuctional farm area

well if u already built it
maybe use buttons
and connect those buttons to the things ur growing. like if u have a corn plant. below it u have an empty one. but it isnt showing when the game starts. then when you press the button. ex: “Harvest Corn” it hides the actual corn. and shows the one below it that is empty. and u can hook that up to a item granter

You could use this guide I made:

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