Factory prop ideas

I got no idea of what factory props I want to make so I need ideas

Storage bins, shelves, your guide about a forklift…

Some wooden crates, filing cabinets, or metal shelves! Or are you talking about like custom props?

custom props…
(Eh, but are there any custom props you think I can make for a factory with those props)

You could create a ‘staircase’ up to a platform with some metal shelves, some railings, and some bicycle racks! Here’s something I put together just now:


factory props heres some

build a forklift near a pile of wooden boxes holding a wooden box
put down barrels
shelves with small cardboard boxes and other useful items for factory working
put down a table for clocking in to your job with stacks of papers and a book
a meeting room with office chairs and table covered in books papers water bottles/food, there could be a chart on the wall showing something like productivity or stonks.
build a lunchroom with a cafatiera or instead a lounge room with a fridge and couches (no tv then they won’t work)
put down some water spills with warning signs or put down a pile of metal pipes/fire wood

Add metal shelves, crates, wood, coal, and maybe some sand bags.

P.S. There are custom props???

-Chef Dementor

Custom props are just props you make with other props.

Cough Toaster. Just a random toaster. Bc why not?

Wait how do you do this custom prop thing? Is it like custom gims?

-Chef Dementor

there are not you just got to build them like my broom im pretty sure someone may have made it before me but i made a broom idk how that helps this map