[FA] Alternative accounts are not allowed

I have seen a deletion of an alternative account and a recent ban of an alternative account. Alternative accounts should not be used anymore. They will be suspended if you use any alternative accounts. The reason why they are most likely not allowed is because of the following:

  • There is no point in using alternative accounts
  • They can be used to evade bans.
  • They will be suspended for being a duplicate account.
  • They are not allowed; as per the rules.

As a result, you should stop using alternative accounts on the forum. I have sent a message to staff to request to merge/anon my alternative account, @4shapes1.


what is an fa?

A fa is a forum announcement, which are basically announcements related to the forum.

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Cool! This’ll be pretty useful!

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How do you do this?

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# fa


It is a tag.
You do this: # fa

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Use the :heart: button instead of posting a +1, this can be filler.

What if my friends email is not working and i let him use my email for my account will that get us in trouble…???

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Contact the @moderators for this situation

he literally said he ran out of likes ._.


What do yall mean about the like button?
Is there a button other than the one on a comment?

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Guys lets not get off topic
(he means the heart button)
on bottom right of someone else’s post.

my thing says I have three views(isn’t there only 2 moderators)? and doesn’t the question only go to moderators?

yes, but each time a person views it a new view gets add, also you and the 2 mods see it. that makes three.

so should i just keep waiting then?

Yes, you should get a reply in about 1-2 days, jeff is the one that always responds and he got off a few hours ago, so he might get on later today, or early tomorrow.

thanks…though i just feel bad i accidentally added a bunch of question marks and cannot edit it so it seems a little aggressive…

This is off-topic, I think we should stop talking about this current subject.