F1 Racing Ideas needed

So far, I have the Blaster device to fix tires, and I have a sort of concept of how fast tires can wear out.

make it so when players collide, they both slow down and get progressively faster

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Anything else? I need more than 1 person! Thank you @ModerateCape86

just search up all of getrithekd’s topics or play his game

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Um… Like?

Just search F1 racing in the search bar and you will get something.

Or search F1 racing on discovery. [Or click the link in @getrithekd 's profile.]

No, I played the game, i mean the guides.

Maybe you can include a sort of speed trap, where if you enter a zone, it slows down your speed, and when you leave, it resets it back to the normal via channels and wire connections to have something like traps, or maybe a pit crew!

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No guides, just help topics.

Oops. @CassiusDoomlorde can you give some links?

Core mechanic of my game:

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How do I make the car?

The car is the gim.

You’d need coord systems and LOTS of props. Which is why I didn’t have cars.

Can I make a car? If so, can I get a guide?

Cars already exist. The issue is making one appear in every possible spot and so ‘follow’ the player.

Ok, but is there a way to make the Gim look like a racer?

I wont use cars, if that is the case.