F1 Car Design Help

So I’m making a racing game and now adding the different constructors. So I need designs for F1 cars that are Mercedes, McLaren, Ferrari, and Red Bull.

Look up the cars if you don’t know what they look like.

Wdym by designs

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Like just how to make them.

With barriers or actual art?

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dont u jst use barriers?

and like other props

I just want a guide on how to make them.

why do you need those cars?

So you didn’t read the post.

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I did
but why don’t you just use like lightning Mcqueen and that spanish car guy

Because it’s F1. I just want models to display when people choose their car.

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dont u think that last part is a little offensive?

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Oh models to display. Wait one sec.

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what last part and why

no no no the spanish car guy from the cars movie

Guys I just want help. Either you help me or I’m flagging you.

i know what u mean but maybe reword it by using their actual name in the movie??

okay okay sorry
so maybe since they jst added round barriers u can use that as the wheels
and maybe some barriers?? as like the car part
and use metal poles for the front and back

oh wait sorry they’re italian apparently
and I didn’t really know their name bc I haven’t seen the movie in a LONG time
ok, I’m just NOT gonna comment on this anymore bc I don’t know anything about cars and suddenly everyone is ganging up on me bc I don’t understand
sorry back on topic

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was doing that rn gonna create a image