Evil Eye spectating bug

The evil eye is upside down but my friend’s perspective says it’s normal.

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it won;t really matter

Ive seen that happen in games I have made before.

  1. Contact the mods by searching Moderators in search bar.
  2. email them with evidence hello@gimkit.com

Probably just a glitch that can’t be solved unless the developers fix it. That is wierd though

this is without spectator

What do you mean it won’t really matter?

Anyways, this happened to me before a couple of times. Best thing to do is to email hello@gimkit.com.

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it won’t matter bc hes a spectator

He showed us another screenshot that isn’t in spectator.

if you’re not gonna help, atleast please don’t appear in this conversation

and btw @KrishnaVA i can’t email gimkit

I can send it for you if you want me too.