Evil compamy names?

In the game I am making, you need to help hack into a evil company idk what to call it.

Mischeivious Mischief Corp.? I don’t know… maybe something corny. Like

Bad evil company corporations

Dark hiding
The nicest place ever!
Totally not evil corp
TEPOE ~ The Evilest Place On Earth
The terrain foundation
ynapmoc livE

The destroyers

right now I have evil.co

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live its evil backwards so the company doesnt sell out their name so people dont know


maybe use that phinieas and Ferb bad guy company name? I cant think of it rn.

  • Live (Backwords spelling of live, Cloudy with a chance of meatball refrence)
  • Doofinshmirt Evil Incorporated (Phinas and Ferb refrence, but spelled it wrong)
  • Maniac Machines
  • Professors’ Prison
  • Bad Bases
  • Booms and Bangers
  • Company of Cruel Cats

jinx Mr.egg


baddest of bad
monstrous maniacal machines made by evil men corp

yes most of these names are jokes
sue me

only post if you have a real suggestion.

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