Every "starter device" in category

Spawn pad: It takes up 10 memories. This device will tell the game where to spawn the players.

Trigger: This device takes up 40 memories. This device will trigger on the receiving channel.

Questioner: A player answer’s a question to receive something.

Item granter: A part of giving a player any item.

Item spawner: Spawn an item for players to collect. Takes up 8 memory.

Sentry: takes up 500 memory. A a.i. to shot or do nothing.

Starting inventory: A device that makes every player start with an item. That takes up 10 memory.
Web capture_24-9-2023_91355_www.gmkit.com
Wire repeater: To repeat a wire connecting. Take’s up 10 memory.
Web capture_24-9-2023_9166_www.gmkit.com
Teleporter: takes up 50 memory. To move a player to somewhere else.

Thats all of the starter devices

Why is this in devices, and why is it resolved?

its about the starter devices

Ummm… those aren’t all of the settings for those devices… If you want to provide info about the different devices, you could try to help out on TUGTED2!

sorry it will just take up storage on my computer and take a long time and I now have to change the spots of them.