EVERY Image in GKC 2.0

I can get it soon
@Claire_B your Padlet got blocked and it isn’t updating do you know of anything I can do?
@EggNoodle both are blocked for me :slightly_frowning_face:

Well, I can help. Am I allowed to add another prop section?

Yes, but also most people on here are on school devices and the inspect element is disabled by their admins, including me. So that is irelevant.

it is a wiki and if the wiki rules don’t say otherwise, sure.

the prop section is on 1.0

there already is a prop section on [:clipboard:] EVERY Image in GKC 1.0

can someone get a pic of a gim running left?

Why do we need that? Are those just the same but flipped?

just flip it

do you know how to flip it?

drawing app they all should have a flip option
it’s not that hard

you may want to include a link, that’s a bit more helpful.

flipped on kleki

That gif is outdated, since it doesn’t match with the post-redesign.
greengimwalking (1).gif [rotate output image]

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imma add a new gim like this one

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i have that gim but gray

green is currently in the shop.

the trail is there but it has the background still

No problem I can remove the background

Alright guys, I have added literally every gim (that’s listed in the Gimkit wiki currently) onto this wiki. Had to remove most of the Season 3 gims, because it has gone past the character limit.