[📋] EVERY Image in GKC 1.0

new gim? what new gim?

nvm i forgot the item shop changed this early


Cool… very cool… i like this…

how come it dosen’t let me edit?

1k views is fire :fire:


Also I can tell if you’re adding low quality images like if it literally says “download” or "
image (1)" then it’s pretty obvious

what do you mean by low quality?

graphic wise, like blurry-ish.


oh, okay
Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

And improper title

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No problem.

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This is so cool! Keep it up✌️

Welcome to the community @Bob_SmithLikesDonuts! Make sure to read the FAQ and TOS!

Just added all medieval / Blastball terrains

R.I.P. Notifications. :skull:
I get notified every edit. 129 edits…
I get notified every reply. 273 replies…


lol i can’t wait to be a regular… oh wait i havent been here in like 6 months

Preston really. Why. I thought you were IP banned. I know its you. You made the mistake of showing me the “Bob Smith” account (you being logged in) on wix during history class. I swear if you guys doxx me again.

Edit: Gimsolver they are my classmate. They put my personal info on the forum in october


This is not the place to be name-dropping people for previous stuff that they did. Just politely tell them that you know, and if they dox you… Not a lot of things can survive multiple Tl3 flags. [1]

  1. @GimSolver, I was referring to MY TL3 flags. ↩︎


That’s the thing, Magenta lost tl3.
AHHHH! Why is this closed? I don’t remember any off-topic behavior.
At least my notifications get a break…
You guys can still edit the wiki! Remember the images have to be the right size and cant’ be blurry.


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