Every 3 seconds an item depletes. When you lose all of it you die and you lose some items. How do you do this?

I’m making an under the sea game and you’re trying to get air bottles. Answer questions = gain oxygen. Wut do i do

wire repeaters to negative item grantees to counter to respawn.

you can either have all items lost or none, sorry…

You can make them respawn or change teams by doing this:
Make a trigger that keeps triggering (somehow idk)
Make a checker that checks for a certain item amount (0)
Make it so when the checker passes it respawns a player

So, if you have your question answer game overlay, then good. If not, search a tutorial. Maybe make a repeater, and make it constantly repeat. for death, make them slowly get knocked out, by adding warnings, with notifications. when fail to do so, they respawn. for the lose some items, no idea.

A wire repeater loop set:
1st wire repeater: Delay of 1
second wire repeater: Delay of 3

Second wire repeater wires:
When the wire repeater recives a pulse ------> Grant item (item granter 1)

Item granter 1:
grants: (whatever you are using)
Grant amount: -1

Trigger: delay 1, triggers on the channel, “trigger”, when triggered, brodcast on channel “trigger”.

(trigger) Triggered ------> (checker) check

check for (whatever you are using)
Item amount: 0

(checker) Check passes -------> (end game device) end game

End game device:
Edit nothing

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What about this? All I think you would have to add to the build is a simple Questioner (question answered correctly) → item granter (grant item)!

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Use a Movement meter and set it to whatever item you want. When the item hits zero, link it to a respawner so it respawns you.