Eureka Moment (Tips for property?)

I have just learned some basic parts of the property! I can somewhat now use things using property, and can list multiple items with it!

Getting out of that part, is there any tips I could learn from the community on how to use the property to its full potential? because all I have is button clicked, button add to property.

Basically all I need is some tips on what I can do with property, and how. I just wanna learn on how the property can be used for my maps.
Also I’m gonna mark a solution for myself so It will stop replies and remove clutter

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A good guide on properties


Ok, thank you! So in conclusion, properties are powerful things that can go across the game and are always stored. They can be multiplied, unlike items, and given names and other things that can not be replicated with normal items. Now all I have to do and learn is the blocks that use it. Thanks!

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Yep. No problem and you’re very welcome! Welcome to the forums and happy gimkitting!

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