Error with end of game widget

The end of game widget is deleted but it shows that it’s there. Please help

Welcome to the forum @FAST_Developer are you sure its the same one you deleted? not the normal after end game widget?

Or you deleted the wrong one…and can you not just activate a different end game overlay?

Welcome to the forums, @FAST_Developer. Are you able to put a picture? If so, can we see one to further help?

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yes, it is the same one

This is where the end of game widget was:

Can you still edit it? Is it still ending the game? If not, it might just be a glitch.

This is the end game screen:

I can’t edit the Widget

Ok, try restarting your computer. If that doesn’t work, get back to me.

Okay i’ll try restarting my computer

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Hey, sorry I couldn’t reply, I was in class. Is the problem ok now?

Nope, it is not fixed now

Oof, Idk what else to do :frowning: Maybe contact Gimkit?

their email is

okay, i will contact gimkit


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Great! Hope the issue is fixed :smiley:


Thanks @Caternaught This was helpful for the Forums.