Equipment? (COD ZOMBIES map)

So i ws thinking: How do i make stuff like grenades and stuff? Help again, zombie hunters!

For gernades, idk. But you gave me an idea, land mines.
You use triggers that are invisable so you cant tell were they are and wire it to a zone that will deal negative health, like one big chunck, or just straight up KO the player.

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So that’s how i make them?

No, that’s how you make land mines.

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pretty much, there is not much to it, just when trigger triggered, zone activates and make the zone grant health, but negative so it takes it away.

Nice new pfp, looks great!

You could add a button overlay, then once that is pressed you go into a mode where you can throw a grenade. Then give yourself a gadget and have a few set locations for grenades around the map that appear once you go into the grenade throwing mode. Then you can put a small destructible prop that activates in Grenade mode, but is covered by some other prop that has no collision. Then make it so that when you destroy the destructible prop a signal is sent to the surrounding Sentries, making them all disabled.

None of this has been tested, but it should work to some degree.


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