Epic brawl Royale waypoints voting poll

Should I take out waypoints for a future update, or should I keep them? Vote only if you’ve played Epic Brawl Royale.

  • Take out waypoints and add them for a future update
  • Keep waypoints in the game
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How are the waypoints implemented in your game?
Does it track every player?
Does it work for tutorials?
Does it track a boss?

This’ll help the decision.
Also, you could’ve just edited your post and fixed the poll instead of creating a new topic…

The waypoints just make it easier to find all 20 locations. I asked because they crowd the screen, even though they are helpful.

Use zones to only activate them when the player is near (not too near) to avoid screen clutter.


I saw that option, but I didn’t think to use it. If you want me to do that, I will in the next update after the vote.

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By the way I know I could’ve edited the post, but for some reason it was’nt working.

I will wait one more day, and if nobody else votes, oh well. I will post the update for Epic Brawl Royale tomorrow.

If you want to vote on this, nows your chance! Like I said, this will go away tommorrow!

I’m ending the poll.

How many way points are there

about 20. the vote is already over. I’m sorry. I waited 2 days. I don’t have time to release the update yet, but I will release it when I can.

On second thought, my friend just gave me an idea. I will open the poll again, and wait until tomorrow so that I can have more voters, and I don’t have to worry about the update while I’m away.

oh god. I forgot about the three hour limit. My friend didn’t know about it! Alright. If you want to vote you have to vote now, other wise you won’t vote at all. I need as many votes as possible. Btw, I’ve decided you can vote even if you haven’t played Epic Brawl Royale. Like I said, VOTE NOW!

I cant edit the post, so read the coments and vote now!!!

How many people have played your game so far?

281 plays. I’m gonna be on the forum more for more votes so that way I can get more players. Thanks for asking!

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Good job! I’ll try your map sometime, but it won’t be soon enough to vote this poll.

You can vote anyway.

Anybody can vote. I cant edit it, but I said anybody can vote in a past comment.

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I think the 3 hour limit is gone. I might be wrong, but if it’s gone, STILL VOTE NOW. Even if you haven’t played the game, vote based off of what you think I should do. Btw there are 20 waypoints. The reason I had this vote is because I don’t know if people would have liked the decision I would have made. I will have more votes from now on. Each vote I have will last 3 days. I will have votes mostly about changes to any of my modes.