Entourage System is Broken

I have a game, and it’s called ENTOURAGE, and basically when you knock out another player they join your team. Anyways, each team has a team leader, and when someone on that team knocks out another person from another team, this knockout message SHOULD play:

[Player knocked out] is now a follower of [Team Leader]

For some reason though, this is the message that instead follows:

[Player knocked out] is now a follower of [Player knocked out]

Here is my code:

Knockout Manager:

I have another piece of code, but that piece of code accounts for a special case, so I’m not gonna put it here now. (if you want it I can give it to you). Why is it not working?

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TeamKnockoutNumber tracks the team that knocked out your team (if a team leader is knocked out, everyone on the team joins the new team, so I need to track what team knocked out the team leader using a property).

CanBeTL is a true/false property that checks if you’re able to (or are) be team leader.

Ignore the “IncreaseFollowers” and “IndirectIncreaseFollowers” channels, as those are part of a system I have not began to create yet.

I just reviewed my code and a part of it doesn’t make sense at all. Silly me :sob:.

I understood like 2% of that block code
and yeesh I was about to say skill issue but realized I can’t be talking
Oh I see the part with the activity feed
Wait wut I don’t understand
ohhh mb
it’s because… give me a few seconds…

isn’t it because it’s tracking the knocked out player is why it’s showing their name twice?


I just saw that woops
Also why am I helping a guy who is much more experienced and better at gkc than me they should be helping me ngl but don’t mind this

Another Edit:

Which one is it?

Oop, I think I just realized why this doesn’t work!

Edit (2 seconds later): Wait, no I don’t.

Edit: Wait, I think I DO know why.

Edit: Nevermind.

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I’m cooked…


‘Error Running Block’ is crazy
why are there cows following cows
wait can I see the settings for the km
edit: NVM i’m actually dum I just realized

It’s just “Player”. Nothing else is changed.

Yeah I figured, I was thinking of the wrong device.
It’s because the km is only tracking the person who got ko’d, and it doesn’t track who ko’d. You should probably wire a player knocks out lifecycle device to the km. If that even works, ig…
But it could just show the same thing.
If I wrote this entire thing for nothing I will throw this thing across the house and into the neighbor’s yard

I’m dummer than the average person, don’t worry
Wait then it should WAIT THEN IT SHOULD WORK

Edit: Wait. HOOOOLD UP.
Screenshot 2024-05-18 6.13.39 PM
Correct me if i’m wrong, but doesn’t this seem like it is tracking the ko’d person?
Also, lemme test this out

The KM tracks the person who KOs. But, like the great device it is, it can broadcast messages on behalf of the knocked out player and the knocking player at the same time!

That’s just bad wording I think. There are options for “broadcast message (on behalf of knocked out player)” in the block code, instead of “broadcast message”, so you can kind of infer what it does.

Also, on a sort-of related side note, my triggerloop that I did not TOUCH doesn’t… work anymore.

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It worked for me!
Screenshot 2024-05-18 6.17.10 PM
It’s probably something wrong with a different device or something wrong with the block code

Hold on, our code is different and I have to test something.

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SHOOT! I just realized that I basically never updated the TeamLeader property. HOLD ON…

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Lol that might be it idk

IT WORKS! But now, I need to test it with multiple players to make sure that absolutely everything works…

Can I be a tester?



Nice! I never knew that the ko manager could do that lol. It was always heavily bug infested for me so that’s probably why. Also I can be a tester too if you want.

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Alright, another problem has arrived, but yeah, everything works now. I’ll just see what I can do or now…

This is what I added into the knockout manager:

Time to fix the next bug that’s arrived…

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ahhhhhh i have no idea how im gonna make this system ahhhhhh

this is what it looks like

also heres a picture of my game (please dont flag for advertising i dont have a link or anything)

there are so many issues
how am i gonna fix this

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