Energy bar that gives speed

How would I make a consumable item (like the energy bar) be able to grant you speed for a few seconds, then put your speed back to normal?

Here, check out these guides:

Use a modified version of this

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So, how do consumable items work? You just eat the item? You could have a repeater → checker that checks every 0.5 second if you don’t have the item, and if you don’t, trigger two different triggers. Each trigger should trigger a different speed modifier. One trigger (the one connected to the slow speed modifier) should have a delay. That delay is the power up duration. Hope this helps!

Im sorry, this would be very helpful and shows that you are very good with the wires and devices and how they work. This just isn’t what I was looking for. Thanks for the input, though.

I’m sorry, this was a very good suggestion, but I can’t get it to work. I assume the repeater and checker are correct, but after that, I’m having trouble because 1, after the check passes, it will set that player to the speed, but I can’t get it to have the same player go back to normal speed, and 2, I can’t figure out how to make it stop using the “check passes” thing after the fact because I want it to happen once, but if they eat the bar, the check happens over and over again, never setting them back to their original speed.

Did you place down the two triggers, one with a delay? The delayed trigger should also turn the repeater off.

What mechanic are you looking for exactly? The post I linked is about consumable items, it just is geared toward a health granter instead of the speed system.

I assume i did what your asking but it still just keeps the super fast speed without going back to normal even though i did add the delay

im trying to have it so when a player eats the consumable they get a speed buff for a few seconds before it goes back to normal

My post is about the consumable food part, but wire it to the speed system (did you already make it?) instead of the health granter

Button pressed > set player to configured speed
Button pressed > trigger (amount of time you want the player to have a speed boost)
Triggered > set player to configured speed (in this case x1.00.)

yeah but you said to set it up to a button that you have to press, however i want it to be that they can consume the item anywhere and not have to press a button (unless im wrong and the button doesnt mean you have to be near it to press it)

It’s an overlay button, like the answer question button you might see in some game modes.

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ah ok so yes that would work i just need help with the “change speed back to original part”, but yes that was helpful and basically the solution

Connect the overlay button to a wire repeater. Set the delay to however you like. Connect the wire repeater to a speed modifier set to the original speed.

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