Energy And Lobby Energy (Help)

I already connected a questioner to an energy item granted and I included a movement meter to reduce energy when walking. The only problem is that I don’t know how to connect that to an overlay so that you can answered questions to get energy wherever you are. Second I created a lobby but because of my problem above it doesn’t let me move at all. I also want my lobby to not need energy at all to work. If anybody can help me please I would appreciate tips.

  1. Overlay set to button wire the overlay to questioner, button pressed > open question answer screen ( I forgot what it says, but you will see it)

  2. put a zone or trigger in the lobby area and make it so when the player enters the zone/trigger it deactivates the movement meter, and if you put a zone or trigger in the actual game when then enter/touch the zone/trigger it activates the movement meter

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activate the movement meter ONLY when you are out of lobby.
How do you get out of lobby?
do you just press a button?
if so,
when button pressed —> activate movemnt metere

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