Enemy base invasion one time notifcation

hi! i’m back I have not played gimkit in a couple weeks I was wondering how to make it so, when the opposite team enters the enemies base, the other team gets a notification but only once because I don’t want notifcations constantly being spammed.

Use a trigger on the rim of the base to trigger the notification.

would that not make it so only if you step on the trigger it sends the notifcation?

Place zones and counters with a target of 1 and a scope of player on each base.
Player enters zone > Increment counter Target Value Reached > Deactivate Zone`

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That’s why you could probably put them surrounding the base.

could you still activate the notification if you entered it, because after the counter stops it is no longer send-able?

That would use up so much memory though, plus since there are so many triggers, players can get spammed by notifications and you would have to wire them together to deactivate themselves wasting more memory

I thought you wanted it to be one-time?
Oh wait, I forgot another wire to say, sorry
(Counter) Target Value Reached > (Zone) Deactivate Zone

I don’t think that would work, if we assume that the enemy base is quite large maybe, 1000 triggers around the entire thing, we need to remember that a trigger costs 40 memory, a map can hold 100000 memory 40,000 x 2 is 80,000 thats more than 50% memory. If you have a solution please tell me

I do want it to be one time, but I want it so if you leave the zone the notification is send able, so for example, if you enter the zone from the opposite team, the other team gets a notification, but if the rest of the enemy team (lets say theirs 10 more players) you wont receive 10 more messages. now if you leave and re-enter the notification will send again. Sorry, I suck at explaining things.

Lifecycle (Game Start) > Relay (Your specific team)
Relay > Activate Zone
Player enters zone > Relay (opposite team)
Relay > Notification
Duplicate this for both of the teams btw.

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