Endings help: end game widget

I want to have an end of game widget only display text.

just have it display a text property, and set the property’s default value to whatever you want it to say

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Have it display a property.

I tried that, the end game widget didn’t show up.

Is the EGW visible on game start?

No, but I activated it 0.1 seconds before the game ends.

Could you activate it earlier? Did you place down the property?

I placed the property:
Screenshot 2024-03-09 7.42.43 AM

Can I see the end game widget settings?


If you’re just gonna have the same text, just put the text in the End Game Widget itself and make two for both endings. Also, remember: AUO!

It’s not a AUO problem, as

Yeah, I don’t see the problem. Maybe just use two end of game widgets?

I tried using two, i’m going to try increasing the wait time between the ending game and activating the EGW.

Edit: Changing the delay from 0.1 to 0.5 doesn’t work.

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I found out the answer, the end game had a random wire making it end.

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