Ending Game Widget (quick question)

Is it possible to show the team/player who won at the end of a game?

This person was sheriff, and this person was murderer, using an end of game widget on the primary and secondary level.

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i’m pretty sure you can do that in the map options

Oh!–I’m stupid-–I mean, like, on the side, can it show a player’s team?
Like, this person was Murderer…
and this person was Sheriff?

I’m not sure if you can give custom names to an end of game widget.

Ah. Okay. Thank you.

You’re welcome.

Glad I could help.

Yes you can. I’m on mobile rn, so can you unmark the solution now, and I’ll reply later?

You use the triggering player block to extract the player’s name, and then do all sorts of other stuff.

Basically, lifecycle to relay to trigger with a 2s delay. The trigger has blocks. In it, make an if statement that checks if the person is a sheriff. If so, you set a text property called “SheriffName” to the person’s name. Make another if statement that checks if the player is the murderer. Make it set another text property called “MurdererName” to the triggering player’s name. And then when the sheriff changes, change the name. Make the sheriff widget show the sheriff property and the murderer widget show the mirderer property. All properties are global.

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