Ending A Game In These Ways

Hello, everyone. My Baldi’s Basics game is still not together yet. I just have these questions: AND please be as specific as possible.

How do you end the game when there are no more players on a specific team? As in this way: Team 2 is Baldi, and the rest of the players are on Team 1, and when all of the players on Team 1 are captured, the game automatically ends? By captured, I mean KNOCKED OUT or TAGGED.

How do you end the game when ALL players on Team 1 have collected five research and (after they use their research to unlock the escape door) enter a zone? Please be as specific as possible with this one, as this one is the most important.

I don’t mind using block code, as long as there are pictures to show, and pictures to show with these solutions. Thanks for reading.

(Lifecycle) Player Knocked Out > (Trigger) Trigger

Trigger Blockcode:

if | Triggering Player’s Team Number = 2
do Broadcast Message On Channel “endgame”

(Lifecycle) Player Knocks Out > (Trigger) Trigger

Trigger Blockcode:

if | Triggering Player’s Team Number = 1
do Broadcast Message On Channel “team1wins”

This should work.

Ok, but by “>” do you mean wiring?

Yes, you got it

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Do I need TWO lifecycles?


And another trigger?


OK, I’m almost done, but if Team 2 is the one knocking out everyone, shouldn’t it be Team 2 as the “knocks out” trigger?

It’ll be a bit before I respond back. Thank you, though.

Yes. (My bad)

Your Welcome.

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He did not try it yet chill

you can use the battle royale ending it is kinda hard I tried it and finally got it but map sucked so I just deleted it.

Here is the battle royale ending The Ritheked Version of Ending Battle Royales See Bottom Post For Team Adjustment

What do you mean? Because I don’t understand.

you can use a live player counter to end the game if everyone on team one is dead

You can do that, but doesn’t it require a certain number of players to be in the map to have it work, or no?