End of Game Widget Help

How do I make an end of game widget that tracks how many times someone died?

(Lifecycle) Player Knocked Out —> (Counter-Linked Property) Increment Counter

Put that property in the End Game Widget?

Does this work?

I’d like to know because I haven’t created an actual game in months.
(Not literally, I still make maps and go onto creative to test out stuff but I mean actual games lol)

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Lemme check to see if this works, BRB.

Wait whats the property

It’s numerical and it’s a Counter-Linked one.
It’s in the Counter’s Property tab and the Property To Update setting.

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Would this work

Screenshot 2023-12-16 9.14.28 AM

No, since the property value only changes when the counter’s value changes and you’re not using blocks (which is less memory efficient when wires can do the exact same purpose)

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That’s so true


make sure it is player scoped property


So which part do I fix? THe counter part?

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Yeah, and I’m pretty sure the counter has to be player-scoped as well if it isn’t already.

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Yeah it’s player scoped…

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Wait what about the wire part? Is that good?

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No, read this post above.

It has to be (Lifecycle) Player Knocked Out --> (Counter) Increment Counter or it won’t work.

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Oh it worked thanks!

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