End of game text

So, at one of the endings of my game, i want it to have writing saying a description of what happens. I tried using end of game widgets and looking at other guides and help things, but I’ve seen it in other peoples’ maps and I don’t know how to do it. Do you use text or notification or popup? I don’t know but nothing I try seems to really work. Please help :confused:

Oh you need to connect the end-of-game widget to a property, and then in the property(text) type what happens…the description cannot be too long tho or else the text is real small


I can help! Just to clarify, you want something like this, right?

Hope this helps!

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mm no thanks, but would wiring it to a popup work

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No… you can however, teleport them to a room with the text on the floor, and turn off the leaderboard

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hmm it wasn’t like that either. It was like a sort of see through screen where you could partially see behind it with white writing in lots of the ‘ending games’ with multiple endings.

How would you like it to look?

I will try to find a game that has it and take a pic


I edited it a bit to make it less weird, and after you click on the screen or wait a while, the game ends.

OK! I’ll see if I can figure it out!

I think a popup has something to do with it but I’m not sure. I’ll try wiring a popup to a end game thingy and maybe its when popup closes end game? I’ll see if that works

I have the full working system!! I will start taking screenshots now.

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Hey, I don’t have any time left, here is the Link to my padlet, the code will be there, join it and open up your world in another tab then copy it down from there, I’m sorry I wasn’t able to give you step by step instructions. Most of it is unnecessary, the main part is just the popup, the rest of it was to get it working, have it all running very smooth without much manual things, and have it work by itself. (aka all I needed to do was obtain the item)

I have time for the popup setting and thats all


what is the picture of what it looks like when the game ends?

No. After the game ends, it is impossible to use other game mechanics. However, you can teleport everybody into a room with a more customized status, like @chrysostom said.

Join the game I posted in the padlet and you can see

I’ll just copy the stuff in your picture

oh I think I know what you mean: there is a popup, not closable by player, and connect the popup the the end game device: popup closed —> end game
also add a wire repeater that closes it after a while

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