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So, I currently have a setup where one player is randomly selected to be on team 2 (referred to as the "boss) and all other players are on team 1 (referred to as “gims”). So, I’m trying to make is so that if the Boss is killed, the game ends and the end game screen says something like “Gims win!” and if the timer runs out and the Boss isn’t killed, the game ends and it says something like “Boss wins!”.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Have you tried using two different end game screen devices? I dont know if those can be deactivated or not but…


You use a property. When the game ends, set the text property to show who won.

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@awesomeT43 Testing it now…

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@awesomeT43 Doesn’t work. If the boss is killed, the game doesn’t end.

The boss was on team 2 right?


Oh, I completely forgot to tell you you need to hook up the counter to the relay that picks the boss(set it to increment).

@awesomeT43 It still doesn’t end the game when the boss is knocked out. Nor does it show who won. I don’t know why…

Is the counter updating for the Boss?

Make a trigger that only the team the boss is on can trigger. Make a lifecycle trigger the trigger when listening for player knockout. Make the trigger in the blocks set a text property called “Winner” to “Gims”. Make the widget show the property “Winner”. The default of the property should be “Boss”.

Screenshot 2023-11-30 1.23.36 PM
The counter is connected to a relay for all players on team 2 (the boss)

Two thing, change it to random player and make sure that the property starts at 1.

@awesomeT43 default of the counter or default of the property? property was already 1. Also: relay wire to counter or counter wire to relay

EDIT: connected the relay that chooses the random player to the counter, didn’t work

Trying yours now. I’ll let you know how it goes

@getrithekd It worked! Thanks so much!
Thanks for anyone @here for your help too!


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