End of Game Reward

At the end of my game I want to have some reward for the players. The problem is that the game is pretty much finished, and I already have lore, but I want something else. The only thing I can think of, are customizations (non-player), or maybe some sort of bonus next time they play, like a checkpoint or different background? I don’t know… Any ideas?

That would be hard, if you wanted to carry the winner of the last games’ title to the new one. you would just have to have a button that the host(you) would select the winning player and they would get the bonus. That’s the only way I can think of it working.

Ideas for bonuses? Um, maybe a boost, like super speed, legendary weapon, regenerating health, that stuff?

Great to see you Un-Banned, @Apoll02!

I should probably mention that this is my platformer, so it will probably need to be pretty outside the box to be compatible. Some of those are interesting though… Maybe a second chance/life?


That would be nice. Checkpoints…

Yeah, I considered a halfway point… The goal is to reach 100 meters.

Saving terrain data isn’t to hard either…

Then you should do that! Also, how are you making a platformer, @Apoll02?

2D rendering! It’s unbelievable the amount of possibilities within Gimkit!

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Would it be feasible to change the font color?

The color of what?

The score meter.

Yeah, that isn’t too difficult, just one text device.

It could have upgrade points that you spend on stuff like that!